TVP or Bulk Copy?

SQL Server developer community thanks for all your input to date for our roadmap.  I am the new Program Manager for Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server and would like input while planning our next release. In the past, we have had requests for both Table-Valued Parameters (TVP) as well as bulk copy API.  We…


SQL Server Customer Survey (Fall 2010)

Greetings to the SQL Server community:   Last year in October 2009, we introduced the process of interacting on a regular basis with the developers and users in the form of surveys. During the last 12 months, we completed surveys that focused on the broad SQL Connectivity components, including ODBC, ADO.NET, JDBC and PHP. These surveys provide us…

Micorosoft SQL Server JDBC 3.0 Released!!!

Dear SQL Server developers and users:   On behalf of Microsoft SQL Server JDBC team I am very excited to announce our latest JDBC driver Microsoft SQL Server JDBC 3.0 release.   This version of the JDBC driver provides support for features introduced in SQL Server 2008, which includes date and time data types, sparse…


Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Survey – Reminder

A friendly reminder that Microsoft SQL Server JDBC survey will be closing on Monday April 5th 2010. We value your opinion so don’t miss the chance for your voice to be heard!


Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Survey

Dear SQL Server developers and users The Microsoft SQL Server JDBC team is beginning to think of future JDBC driver releases. As we review the priorities and goals for the long term, we view you and your organization as key stakeholders. Your input on our survey will help us shape our future product plans.  The…

Microsoft SQL Server JDBC 3.0 CTP Release Announcement

Dear SQL Server developers and users: On behalf of Microsoft SQL Server JDBC team I would like thank you for the valuable feedback and support on our Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver. In response to your feedback since last year’s release of the Microsoft SQL Server 2.0 JDBC Driver, we are excited to announce the…


SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver and Database Mirroring

We’ve heard from some customers that they are having difficulty getting Database Mirroring to work with our JDBC driver.  Recently, Adam from our counterpart customer service team posted a great blog on this topic.  Please refer to his blog regarding a couple of gotchas with the v1.2 driver. Jimmy WuSQL Server JDBC Team


SQL Server 2008 feature support survey

Since the release of SQL Server 2008, we have heard from customers looking for a JDBC driver that supports SQL Server 2008.  I would like to use this post to ask you, our customers, which features of SQL Server 2008 do you need supported through the JDBC driver.  We want to make sure we are…


Working with SQL Server 2008 Filestream using v1.2 JDBC driver

In the previous post “Working with SQL Server 2008 Date/Time Data Types using v1.2 JDBC driver”,I talked about how the current JDBC driver can interop with the new Date/Time/DateTime2/DatetimeOffset data types.  This time around, I will describe how to interop with SQL Server 2008 Filestream. Please refer to “SQL Server 2008 Books Online” for detailed…


What is adaptive response buffering and why should I use it?

Do you currently use selectMethod=cursor to work around OOM errors with very large result sets?  Do you find that the driver seems to consume quite a lot of memory for forward only read only result sets?  Does it seem like it takes a long time to return from Statement.executeQuery for simple SELECT statements that return many rows? …