Patch Available for SQL Server and Java 6 update 30

Dear SQL Server developers and users:

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server.  We have an update on the connection issues some of you experienced when using Java 6 update 29 and above.

Java 6 update 29 (6u29) introduced a change to how data is sent to databases to counteract the so-called BEAST vulnerability.  Shortly after the release of 6u29, we began to receive reports of users experiencing connection failures or hangs when using the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server to connect to SQL Server.

Oracle has released Java 6 update 30 (6u30) which behaves differently from JRE 6u29.  Microsoft recommends that our customers use JRE 6u30 (and above) instead of JRE 6u29.  In addition, Microsoft is releasing an interoperability enhancement that will enable SQL Server to process data from Oracle JRE 6u30 and up.

This interoperability enhancement is available in the following SQL Server versions.

This enhancement is independent of your JDBC Driver version; Microsoft recommends that customers upgrade their SQL Server installation based on the list above prior to upgrading their Java version.

Please keep in mind that other JVM vendors may introduce this BEAST related change in the future.  Before upgrading your JVM version, Microsoft suggests you determine if the new JVM version contains this change and update your SQL Server installation accordingly. 

You can obtain the relevant SQL Server cumulative update by clicking the link in the Knowledge base article for that cumulative update or contacting Microsoft Customer Support.

Customers who are running older versions of SQL Server have the following options available to them.

  • Upgrade to a SQL Server version that contains our enhancement
  • Use Oracle Java 6 update 27 or lower (or another JVM version that does not contain the BEAST change)
  • Disable the BEAST change in the JVM (consult your JVM vendor for details)
  • Prefer RC4 cipher suites via Windows Schannel

For additional details see Knowledge Base article 2653857.

We look forward to your feedback on this enhancement.

Thank you,

Shamitha Reddy

Program Manager Microsoft

For technical support, please use our forums or contact Microsoft Customer Support.


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  1. JAZZYK says:

    Are there patches for SQL SERVER 2000/2005 for JRE 6 and SSL?

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