TVP or Bulk Copy?

SQL Server developer community thanks for all your input to date for our roadmap.  I am the new Program Manager for Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server and would like input while planning our next release.

In the past, we have had requests for both Table-Valued Parameters (TVP) as well as bulk copy API.  We would like to understand which of these two is most important to your organization.

Please vote for the feature you would most like to see added to our JDBC driver.

To vote for TVP

To vote for Bulk Copy API

This data will help us to determine the priority of these two items for our roadmap.  Also, please provide the specific scenarios in which you would like to use the feature via our blog or while voting in the User Voice forum.

Shamitha Reddy
Program Manager - Microsoft


Update January 2012

Thank you all for your feedback.  Based on your votes and comments, we have added TVP to our roadmap.  Bulk copy is still on our to do list as well.

Update March 2012
For those of you who are interested in TVP, please provide us with more details on how you would use this feature. You can email us or comment on the following blog post.

Comments (8)
  1. Franjo Stipanović says:

    Dear Shamitha,

    can you submit jdbc driver on public maven repository?

    Kind regards,


  2. dpblogs says:

    @Franjo Stipanović

    Can you contact me via this link about Maven?…/contact.aspx

  3. Mark says:


    I see that TVP is currently winning. do you know if it will be included in the next release? And when the next release might be?

    Thank you

  4. dpblogs says:


    Based on user feedback we have added TVP to our roadmap.  We still have bulk copy on our to do list as well.

  5. Doug says:

    There wouldn't happen to be a timeframe on when TVP will be available is there?  We have a project beginning in May or June of this year that would really like to use TVP.

  6. @Doug

    We do not have a date yet for when TVP support will be available in our driver.  We are gathering requirements and use cases at this time.  Any specific feedback you can give us on how TVP's will benefit you would be great.  If you snippets of your current code where you would like to use TVP that would help as well.

  7. Doug says:

    We will have a message queue that our java code will be pulling off messages from and we would like to send all messages retrieved off of that queue in batch to a stored proc in SQL server via a TVP.  So, ideally we would create a data set with each xml record being a separate row in the TVP and then our SP could handle those messages as a set.

  8. rajesh says:

    By when we can expect a bulk copy API? If there are no plans to provide it in near future then are there any third party JDBC driver which provide bulk copy api for SQL Server?

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