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For those interested in Spatial types, we'd like to know if Windows only support would work. It would be some extra work to ensure that they are work across all platforms, which is why we are asking. Also, do you use JPOX spatial types in your applications? Thanks.

--Tres London [SQL Server]

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  1. Karel Maesen says:

    I’ve developed the open source Hibernate Spatial extension to Hibernate. This extension enables hibernate persistence for spatial types. Currently it works with MySQL, postgis and Oracle Spatial. I’d like to add MS Sqlserver to this list.

    Windows-only support will definitely not work for me.

    I’d be happy to implement conversion to and from Java geometry objects if only I could understand the binary layout of the geometry objects. Is there any document or spec that provides this information?

  2. Mugunthan Mugundan [MSFT] says:

    Thank you for your interest. Let us see what can we do to help you.

  3. Tim Pigden says:

    This is a hot topic for us too – we’ve already moved some part of our mapping data for our applications onto sql server but we need the hibernate spatial stuff to do a full job, so we’d be really pleased if this was sorted.

  4. Mugunthan Mugundan [MSFT] says:

    We have provided the reqested information to Karel. By the way Tim, are you interested in Euclidean geometry or you are interested in three dimensional geometry too?

  5. Steve Siebert says:

    Has there been any word on this effort by Hibernate Spatial or otherwise?  My company is in need for a Java solution to access spatial data from MSSQL 2008.  



  6. Steve Siebert says:

    For those that are interested, I found out that Hibernate Spatial will be coming out with the SQL 2008 provider in about 2 weeks (currently in truck).

  7. Mugunthan Mugundan - MSFT says:

    Can you clarify this statement please? Who is doing the Hibernate Spatial?

  8. Mark Wolfe says:

    The hibernate spatial project is located at just building the software now to see how well this works.

    I will post a status once I have tried it out.



  9. Karel Maesen says:

    Hibernate Spatial now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2008. With this you can use Hibernate to store/retrieve Geometries in SQL Server, and use spatial filters and other OGC functions.

    If you don’t use Hibernate, you can still profit from this library. The Geometry encoder/decoder classes can be used outside of Hibernate. Check the javadoc at

  10. Mehran says:

    What is the base way to update/insert spatial data in sql server using an java application without using Hibernate and using directly

  11. Sebastien Chan-Tin says:

    We solved this problem by serializing the data to its native format and sending it over the wire. The format is described here:…/ee320529.aspx

  12. Mehran says:

    @Sebastien Chan-Tin:

    Thank you for reply. Is there and example code?

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