SQL Server JDBC driver v2.0 beta is now available

We are proud to announce the availability of our beta v2.0 driver with support for JDBC 4.0 National Character Set JDBC data types and API methods among others.  We have also enhanced our built-in tracing leveraging the Java logger utility by adding method entry and exit traces and better differentiation between the logger levels.

The beta driver is available at http://msdn.microsoft.com/data/jdbc

We welcome all feedback as we continue to improve this driver for the community.

Jimmy Wu
SQL Server JDBC Team

Comments (14)

  1. John says:

    Will this version work with SQL Server 2008?

  2. dpblogs says:

    This version is focused on supporting the JDBC 4.0 API.  It does connect and work with SQL Server 2008, but it is not a SQL Server 2008 JDBC driver.

  3. Binesh says:

    How long will take for new JDBC Drver to support SQL server 2008 latest data type

  4. John Newman says:

    Does this not support resultSet.getSQLXML(1); ?

    Any idea when we’ll see that?  This is so important

  5. dpblogs says:

    Hi John,

    Support for resultSet.getSQLXML() will be available in our next CTP/Beta.


    Jimmy Wu

  6. Ken Reitz says:

    Is there a release date set for the resultSet.getSQLXML() support?  Any suggestions on what to do while this is being developed?



  7. Sagar I says:

    Will it support "Bulk Copy"?

    I was half way done porting the "Bulk Copy" using the current microsoft jdbc driver. Used the com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.tds package to do that.

    and now when I look at your new classes, this package is gone, so I’ll have to go back to JNI.

    Java applications deserves a "Bulk Copy" implementation, where one can call bcpInit, bcpSendRow, bcpBatch, bcpDone. without using the stupid file logic or JNI.

  8. wesclark says:

    Is there a target release date for this driver?  We are using the 1.2 version at our customer sites, and would like to find a solution to the Logger.getLogger() synchronization problem (see http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sqldataaccess/thread/eaaed323-fbd7-4667-9d77-f3a4bc311a5a/), which is causing performance issues.  We aren’t going to give them a CTP driver version, so we need either a production version of 2.0, or a fix to the synchronization problem in 1.2.  Thanks.

  9. Xavier Ronteix says:

    Have you a plan of the next CTP, or RTM version that will support SQL 2008 Server? As we encounter troubles wiht date/time.

  10. dpblogs says:


    We are targetting the v2.0 release for Q1 2009.

  11. Reinhold Jaekle says:

    Will JDBC Driver 2.0  be able to create a connection in an Ipv6 network if "Server name" is given instead of an IPv6 address? Does the driver iterate through multiple Ipv6 address?

  12. Mugunthan Mugundan - MSFT says:

    yes, you can use IPV6 address to connect with the JDBC driver.

    Further info


    Connecting with IPv6 Addresses

    The JDBC driver supports the use of IPv6 addresses with the connection properties collection, and with the serverName connection string property. The initial serverName value, such as jdbc:sqlserver://serverName, is not supported for IPv6 addresses in connection strings. Using a name for serverName instead of a raw IPv6 address will work in every case in the connection. The following examples provide more information.

  13. wesclark says:

    Does the RTM release still look good for this month?

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