Does SQL Server 2000 JDBC driver support SQL Server 2005?

We have heard from a number of customers asking if the SQL Server 2000 JDBC driver will work with SQL Server 2005.  Unfortunately, it will not.

If you are looking to migrate an existing SQL Server 2000 JDBC application running on the SQL Server 2000 JDBC driver to SQL Server 2005, we recommend that you download the latest SQL Server 2005 JDBC driver at and update the existing JDBC application to work with the SS2005 JDBC driver.  Once that is working, upgrade the backend SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005.  The SQL Server 2005 JDBC driver will work against SQL Server 2000, 2005, as well as the upcoming SQL Server 2008.

Jimmy Wu
SQL Server JDBC Team

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  1. CGB says:

    Nope you need sqljdbc.jar SQL200 use mssqlserver.jar

  2. thst says:

    What if this is not an option. We have some code licensed and it has class-names compiled in.

    Recompiling something brings enormous testing effort and this requires time. In the meantime, customers require sql2000 to continue running.

    Isn’t there ANY way to change that beast? And why did you changed name and format of the driver class and URL :-/ (twice by the way, the new general JDBC driver has this changed again – so migration is actually not as easy as swapping files…)

  3. dpblogs says:

    Hello thst,

    We will not be modifying our SQL Server 2000 driver. We recommend you move to a later driver, though we do understand that moving can be considerbly painful. We understand that some customers require SQL Server 2000 and continue to support SQL Server 2000 with all released versions of our driver. You should feel comfortable using the JDBC Driver 2.0 driver with SQL Server 2000.

    –Tres London [SQL Server]

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