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The Microsoft SQL Server JDBC team would like to use this blog posting as an informal way to gather your feedback on what new features you like to see in our future release.  We can not promise that every suggestion will make it into a release, but it will definitely help us prioritize the features that adds the most value to you.

To get things started, is JDBC 4.0 features more important to you than SQL Server 2008 features?

SQL Server JDBC team

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  1. Kai says:


    I don’t directly do much JDBC because we use Hibernate, so I don’t much care about JDBC 4.0 features. What kind of SQL Server 2008 features there are that need driver support? At this point I’d rather have the MS JDBC driver to be the best performing and most reliable driver around than add new features.

  2. NoelD says:

    We use "heavily" SQL Server 2005. We are a mixed Unix-Windows Environment. We are moving towards Kerberos authentication and the show stopper is that jdbc driver implementation of Kerberos does not use gssapi java calls for authentication.

    Can you add support for that?

    This will make very solid the authentication scheme in a Mixed enviroment and SQL Server jdbc driver could be used from any client type.

    Any feedback on this would be really appreciated. You can email me at ndiaz_at_twosigma_dot_com


    Sr. SQL Server DBA

  3. dpblogs says:

    Thank-you for your feedback and continuing support of our JDBC driver and SQL Server product.  If you would like additional information regarding what SQL Server 2008 offers and some of the features that we are planning to expose through JDBC, please visit the following MSDN site http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/bb498264.aspx


    Jimmy Wu

    SQL Server JDBC Team

  4. John says:

    I’d like to agree with the posts above. Performance and Single Sign On are the keys in my  current projects.

    An easy way to integrate "client side" Kerberos in my JSP/JSF applications would really help selling my work.

  5. Dino says:

    I have begun an open source project to provide Kerberos-based single-sign on from Unix using this Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC driver.  The project can be downloaded from http://code.google.com/p/libsqljdbc-auth/.  Enjoy!

  6. NormaLeighLucid says:

    JDBC 4.0 is critical to me. Without full XML data type support I’m dead in the water with SQL Server.

  7. dpblogs says:

    Thanks all for the informative feedback.

    Jimmy Wu

    SQL Server JDBC Team

  8. I use jTDS for connection to MSSQL.  The big kicker in our organization is lack of proper single-sign-on functionality.  Cheers.


  9. Binesh S says:

    Hi Jimmy Wu

    Let us know  new JDBC(MSSQL-2008) driver approximate release date so that we’ll work accrodingly for release our software.

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