SDS Channel 9 Video is up

A little while ago Jason and I recorded a Channel 9 video to discuss some of the newer features in SDS (SQL Data Services).  Now that all the Azure components have been announced this is now available up at the Channel 9 site.  You can view it here.


Channel 9 interview for PDC

Jason and I just finished recording a session on some of the new features of the services that will be announced at PDC next week (along with some others such as Blobs).  Keep in eye out for it.  I think you’ll enjoy it! –Jeff–


What happened to SSDS PUT/POST responses?

Since the rollout I’ve seen at least one or two messages regarding the altered responses we’re now sending with the REST head of the service.  There are several reasons why we’ve changed the service to now not return the entity body back to you again.  These are as follows: Version – Prior to this rollout…


Check out the SSDS coverage in the latest issue of MSDN magazine.

Hey all, If you have a subscription to MSDN magazine, heck even if you don’t, you read a bit more about using SSDS in the latest issue.  If you don’t have a subscription then you can still read the article on-line here. Enjoy!


Optimistic Concurrency with SOAP in SSDS

In my last post I described how ETag’s can be used in the upcoming sprint 3 version of SSDS.  In this post I’d like to talk about how this same functionality is exposed through our SOAP service head. In many ways designing this particular feature for the REST head was much easier than for the…


ETag’s, Optimistic Concurrency and SSDS

I’ve been kind of quiet the last month or so but that’s because I’ve been totally heads down implementing some major features for this sprint in SSDS.  Our next release to production, which should be in the next few weeks,  is coming up fast so I thought over the next few posts to the blog…


Speaking at TechEd

I’m heading down to Orlando in a couple of weeks to give a talk about best practices when it comes to SSDS.  I’m working on my talk outline and was curious if there were any topics in particular that the community wanted to hear about in the talk?   Thoughts?


Interested in partaking in a design review for SQL Server Data Services?

Are you interested in taking part in a design review of SQL Server Data Services?  Are you located in Silicon Valley?  If you answered yes to both of these questions then you’re going to want check out Ryan’s blog here to find out details for attending.  Space is limited so act fast!  –Jeff–


cURL’ing up with SQL Server Data Services

We’ve begun working with some external customers (and a considerable number of internal ones) on the project and one of the first requests that came up was regarding the use of cURL.  cURL, as many of you already know, is a pretty cool command line utility which can be used to issue HTTP requests.  However…