I don’t normally blog about things which don’t deal directly with SQL Azure but the No SQL movement seems to have become hotter than normal these days in particular after Digg’s announced move to Cassandra a couple of weeks ago.  I saw a blog entry yesterday which I thought really did an effective job of arguing the other side of the argument. It’s worth a read and I highly encourage that if you’re ever considering moving these systems that you first have a look here. 

The meta-point here isn’t necessarily that NoSQL doesn’t have it place.  I believe it does for certain cases.  However, I don’t believe it to be the silver bullet that many appears to think it is.  In short, before considering to move to such systems you really should understand, in a very crisp way, why you have a performance problem and how such a system could really help you in this manner.  It seems to me that many are latching on to these things without fully appreciating what they already have.

Just my 2 cents


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