It’s been awhile…

So, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted but with the recent SDS announcement I trust you now know why that is.  While I’ll be posting some code samples shortly for accessing the new SDS service via ADO.NET as well as with Java I’d like to give a plug for Nigel’s upcoming MIX09 talk on SDS. 

I don’t want to steal any thunder from the talk next week so I’m going to hold off on talking much more about the service until after Nigel’s talk is completed.  Keep posted though as you will see more details coming out from the team post MIX.

Finally, I’ve seen quite a bit of traffic in the blog community recently with concern that our new model doesn’t scale.  I’ll just say this, we are all familiar with CAP conjecture, we do know what it takes to scale a relational store.  We’ve done this once (with the initial version of Sitka which was built on the same technology) we will do it again.  The larger question is getting the right application patterns in place so apps perform well on the system.  That’s it for now but stay tuned.

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