Tour De Peaks

This is a non-SSDS related posting today :-)  I did the Tour De Peaks today with my wife and Stan another member of the SSDS team.  It was a great ride, though it didn’t start off the way.  After a brief stint of rain and wind the weather let up and we had a great…


What happened to SSDS PUT/POST responses?

Since the rollout I’ve seen at least one or two messages regarding the altered responses we’re now sending with the REST head of the service.  There are several reasons why we’ve changed the service to now not return the entity body back to you again.  These are as follows: Version – Prior to this rollout…


SQL Server Data Services Upgrade has been completed!

We completed the latest upgrade to the service yesterday afternoon.  Listed below is the notification that went out along with a brief discussion of what we’ve added.   SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) MaintenanceStatus: Complete We have completed upgrading the SSDS Service Impact Alert: As per our prior communications, this upgrade removed all existing data…


Check out the SSDS coverage in the latest issue of MSDN magazine.

Hey all, If you have a subscription to MSDN magazine, heck even if you don’t, you read a bit more about using SSDS in the latest issue.  If you don’t have a subscription then you can still read the article on-line here. Enjoy!