SQL Azure TechEd 2010 Video’s posted

As TechEd 2010 winds down many of the videos from the conference are beginning to get posted.  I’ve listed some of the ones my fellow teammates have done this time around.  I’d encourage anyway interested in the service to have a look. Migrating Applications to Microsoft SQL Azure is a great talk on, well, migrating…



I don’t normally blog about things which don’t deal directly with SQL Azure but the No SQL movement seems to have become hotter than normal these days in particular after Digg’s announced move to Cassandra a couple of weeks ago.  I saw a blog entry yesterday which I thought really did an effective job of…


MIX 2010 session videos are up for SQL Azure

Just a heads up to any of you who were unable to attend MIX this year.  The session video’s are now online and available for viewing.  You can find these here.  Enjoy!


ALTER’ing SQL Azure for MIX

So, this post will really serve two purposes.  The first is to serve as a shameless plug for the some of the sessions coming up this week in Las Vegas for SQL Azure.  My friend and colleague David Robinson will be in town giving what I can only tell you will be an EXTREMELY cool…


Feedback to the SQL Azure team

Hey all, During PDC09 we spent a bunch of time handing a survey for folks to fill out to give feedback to the team.  I would really encourage you to fill this out.  If there’s a data type that you’d like to see supported, feature enabled, enhancement, etc please try some time to fill this…


SQL Azure talks are now available online

Hey all, My, “SQL Azure: Under the hood” talk is available for viewing now here.  During the talk, I referred to GopalK’s earlier under the hood talk in mine so I’ve attached a link to this here for those that are interested. You can also find some of the other talks for SQL Azure here…


PDC is on!

I’m here in LA this week for PDC along with a bunch of other SQL Azure folks.  If you’re interested in chatting, asking a question, etc have a swing by our both in the partner area and ask away! Additionally, and this is a shamelss plug, but I’ll be giving an under the hood talk tomorrow here at PDC.  The…


SQL Azure PDC talks

So, a number of us are doing talks this year for PDC (myself included!).  You can find the full list here.  So, if you’re going to be in LA for PDC this be sure to check out the sessions.  Having seen, and helped author, the content I know you’ll enjoy it!   –Jeff–


SQL Azure and limits

Quite a few folks have been asking recently about the limits we have in SQL Azure and I thought I would take some time to chat about this here.  The question varies of course by the person asking but the question inevitably goes something the following, “Hey, why don’t you guys let me have a…