Compact 7 Webcast–June 19th!

  Our Windows Embedded Compact 7 team is hosting a Webcast on June 19th! Image Tuning to balance Performance and Power in Windows Embedded Compact 7 The demands of the embedded world make creating the best image possible an absolute requirement.  This difficult task is made easier by the vast array of profiling and tuning…


Next Compact 7 Tips and Tricks Webcast–November 29th!

Hey Everyone, as I mentioned in the last post, Doug Boling is hosting a series of monthly “tips and tricks” webcasts! The next webcast is right around the corner on November 29th! You can register here. -JC Doug will focus on Creating and using Silverlight for Embedded Applications. You’ll hear points on Hardware requirements, using…


Tips and Tricks for Compact 7 Webcast!

Howdy Campers – been a while – I’ve been on the road and visiting with customers over the last several months! its been nice to be in the community and talk with customers and partners. As you all know we’re in full swing with Windows Embedded Compact 7! Lots of new designs are already underway….


Certification for Windows Embedded Compact 7!

    Hey Campers – it’s been a while – I thought I’d let you all know that we now have a Certification program for Windows Embedded Compact 7! Olivier Bloch posts today in his blog that it’s all ready to go! Check it out here!   Thanks, Olivier! -JC


Merry Christmas from Elbacom! (new WES7 toy)

  For those who haven’t seen Mike’s post, take a look here for a Christmas present from Elbacom, in the form of a Keyboard Filter Driver! This Driver allows you to filter virtually ANY keyboard combination (such as CTRL+ALT+DEL) so that the system ignores these commands! Great idea for things like Kiosks, and Public Internet…


New Windows Embedded Standard 7 Book Available!

Howdy, Campers! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the airwaves… sorry about that – things get a little hectic over here in Microsoft Land! I wanted to let everyone know that Sean Liming, one of our Embedded MVP’s has published his latest book – “Professional’s Guide to Windows Embedded Standard 7” I just received…


AOpen Forum 2010!–it’s all about signage

I’m here in San Francisco, CA attending the AOpen Partner Forum 2010 – Pretty good Turnout We’re here talking about Digital Signage and Retail Trends in general. There’s about 100 people here from all over the world who are thought innovators in the area of Digital Signage. so far, we’ve heard from Intel, and Aopen,…


Helping Developers find the right pieces

  I get asked from time to time about where folks can go to find apps for their WES7 based designs. Let’s say you want to include Antivirus, or Adobe Reader in your image – but aren’t sure that they’re set up to work correctly! well, posted here on the Microsoft News Center, is an…


Updates, Updates, how to do updates?!?

    I get asked all the time – “John, it’s really painful to have to go to your sites and download a bunch of individual patches, in order to keep my toolkit installation up to date”. Well, Microsoft has listened, and today, we launched Windows Embedded Developer Update (WEDU) for Windows Embedded Standard 7!…


How to Win Friends and Influence Microsoft!

  OK, so you may not win any friends, but you’ll certainly influence Microsoft. Here’s the deal: You now have a chance to tell us what’s really important to you – The Embedded Product Team is rolling out a survey to find out what you want to see on our website and in our documentation….