Compact 7 Webcast–June 19th!

  Our Windows Embedded Compact 7 team is hosting a Webcast on June 19th! Image Tuning to balance Performance and Power in Windows Embedded Compact 7 The demands of the embedded world make creating the best image possible an absolute requirement.  This difficult task is made easier by the vast array of profiling and tuning…


MIX 2011–Anyone there?

  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the MIX conference this year in LasVegas – Anyone else there? let me know how it’s going!


Merry Christmas from Elbacom! (new WES7 toy)

  For those who haven’t seen Mike’s post, take a look here for a Christmas present from Elbacom, in the form of a Keyboard Filter Driver! This Driver allows you to filter virtually ANY keyboard combination (such as CTRL+ALT+DEL) so that the system ignores these commands! Great idea for things like Kiosks, and Public Internet…


Got Signage?

  I’ve been working in and out of the digital signage business for quite a while, with lots of different customers… One of the best innovations I’ve seen for signage in some time is Windows Embedded Standard 7. take all the power of Windows 7 from a CPU, graphics and hardware support perspective, and give…


Helping Developers find the right pieces

  I get asked from time to time about where folks can go to find apps for their WES7 based designs. Let’s say you want to include Antivirus, or Adobe Reader in your image – but aren’t sure that they’re set up to work correctly! well, posted here on the Microsoft News Center, is an…


Updates, Updates, how to do updates?!?

    I get asked all the time – “John, it’s really painful to have to go to your sites and download a bunch of individual patches, in order to keep my toolkit installation up to date”. Well, Microsoft has listened, and today, we launched Windows Embedded Developer Update (WEDU) for Windows Embedded Standard 7!…


How to Win Friends and Influence Microsoft!

  OK, so you may not win any friends, but you’ll certainly influence Microsoft. Here’s the deal: You now have a chance to tell us what’s really important to you – The Embedded Product Team is rolling out a survey to find out what you want to see on our website and in our documentation….


WES7 Image Servicing tool!

Hey Campers! I’ve been offline for a bit, while I play with some new tools, but now I’m back! Wolfgang Unger over at Elbacom has come up with a great new tool for WES7 – as you may or may not know the DISM (Deployment, Servicing, Image Management) tool in WES 7 is very powerful,…


Lots of Devices!

I get asked all the time, “Hey John, what kinds of devices do you guys do over in Windows Embedded land?” Here’s a cool new site we’ve put up, to let folks see all the different examples of devices out there. Very slick design by our teams… even Sliverlight enabled! Thanks to Trika for pointing…


Windows Embedded – What’s been going on?

  Hey Campers – it’s been a bit since I’ve posted up here. Sorry about that… it’s been a bit busy around here – In case you’ve not heard, Windows Embedded will be at a couple events in the coming days CES – Windows Embedded will be at CES in Las Vegas, NV Jan 7-10th….