Certification for Windows Embedded Compact 7!

    Hey Campers – it’s been a while – I thought I’d let you all know that we now have a Certification program for Windows Embedded Compact 7! Olivier Bloch posts today in his blog that it’s all ready to go! Check it out here!   Thanks, Olivier! -JC


Upcoming CE Training! (Free Hardware too)

  Often, I get asked for when and where’s on CE official training. so here’s one. if you have partners that you know of that’s offering a Training, let me know, and I’ll post for everyone. Here’s one: Our friends at Adeneo Embedded will be offering CE training coming up in June! This is a…


Certification for Windows Embedded Standard (XPE)!

  Mike and Olivier both posted today about the availability of the new MCP certification exam for Windows Embedded Standard (the OS formerly known as XPE)! We will also have an exam prep guide that will come online over the next month or two. we’ll start posting chapters of it toward the end of this…


Who Knows where to find Windows CE 6 training ?

  I get asked a lot – “Hey John, where do I go to get CE training?” . there are obviously a ton of places to get training, but I wanted to mention our friends at Adeneo Embedded. they are one of our Gold certified partners for Windows Embedded. They offer training and services around…


Update from the Windows Embedded Standard Certification Sessions

  I poked in on the teams yesterday, and they were hard at work, still trying to identify all the things that should be on the Certification exam… I must say, it is a very difficult task – there’s so much information to cover, and we have to figure out exactly how to test on…


Want to be Certified in XP Embedded?

I’m here on Campus in Redmond, sitting in on the debate discussions on what should and should not be on a certification test, as well as how to ask the right questions. There are several MVP’s and industry experts here in the room with our Learning folks to make sure that it’s an objective test….


Windows Embedded CE MCP Exam – more help!

  So a lot of you read about the Microsoft Certified Professional Exam for Windows Embedded CE a while back. Initially, we offered a voucher for 50% off – that expired August 31st… Well I’m happy to say we’re putting it back on! simply email mswepp@microsoft.com, and they will send you a code to get…


Help with the next embedded MCP test!

  as you may or may not have heard, we recently launched the Microsoft Certified Professional Cert for Windows Embedded CE. Now we’re at it again, with a certification for Windows Embedded Standard (the next version of XPE), as I mentioned in a previous post. Mike Hall just posted to the community about a cool opportunity:…


Certification for Windows Embedded Standard (the follow on to XPE) is coming!

  I saw a post from Weijuan Shi over on the XPE Team Blog – with the pending release of Windows Embedded Standard, we’re going to be developing training and certification content for Standard, much like we do for CE. we will be working with a limited number of qualified participants to help with development…