New notebook!

  It’s like Christmas… oh wait it is Christmas! I recently came up for a replacement notebook – as most of us in engineering land do every couple years. so the process is Order, get it approved, wait for it to arrive, and then go to town putting all the toys on it. it’s great……


Bootcamp! (part deux)

  Hey all, Still here at the bootcamp! we had a good day yesterday, and a great dinner last night! Today we’re focusing on Windows Embedded Standard. The guys are building a WPF app using Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2008. very fun! Don’t they look hard at work?   Talk to you later! JC


Boot Camp!

  Hey all, Sorry I’ve been scarce lately – it’s been a hectic month! lots of things going on around here, so I must apologize for not keeping you all up to date!   Today Starts the 1st of 4 boot camps we put on for our distributors. it’s a technical training session that lasts…


Are you Ready? Gears of War 2!

  one of the perks of being a Microsoft guy is that sometimes you get stuff slightly early. in this case we were able to get a copy of Gears of War 2 this evening. it goes on sale at 12:01 AM Friday, November 7th. droves of folks converged on the company store to get…


Just Launched – Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 3.2!

  I was pinged by the MAP toolkit team today and asked to pass along, so… For those of you who are IT guys, or developing Devices that will go into an IT deployment – this might help you – essentially the toolkit makes it easier for you to identify what servers, workstations, and network…


It’s official – Tech Ed’s Back to one week!

  For those of you who were at Tech ED last year in Orlando, it was a great time for the attendees… for those of use who were there for the Dev and IT tracks, it made for a long 2 weeks!   so it was just announced last night that we’ll be seeing all…


Windows Embedded Quebec!

  I’m sitting in the Theater here at PDC – I figured this deserved a Live Blog! Shabnam Erfani, one of our Lead Program Managers on the Windows Embedded team, is presenting “Windows Embedded Quebec: Developing for Devices”   There are about 150+ folks here in the room, eagerly watching and listening. Why, who are…


I’m a PC… and now, so is a MAC

I’m sitting in the Staff/Speaker room here at PDC, and happened to notice Ryan McMinn, PM on the Access team, and his super tricked out Apple PC!   Take a look! Even Apple Computers want to be PC’s!   Here’s to you Ryan JC


PDC Day 2 – Lots of stuff to see!

  Checking in from PDC here in Los Angeles – it’s actually day 3 as I write this, but I wanted to give you all some info from Day 2.   Keynote – as usual, Ray Ozzie did a great job of talking vision for Microsoft in the future. He talked about how we have…


PDC Day 1 – Sights and Thoughts!

  Hey Campers! Checking in from day one at PDC. This morning’s keynote address led off with Ray Ozzie talking about his vision for our next iteration of Software+Services. talking about expanding from the single node, like with a desktop or a mobile phone to services higher up at the enterprise level, or even beyond…