it’s a Windows Embedded Coke Machine!


Our Friends at Bsquare just posted a link to a press release on the Coke Freestyle machine! very cool device that’s powered by Windows CE. Bsquare, a Windows Embedded Gold Partner, consulted with Coca-Cola for the last 2 years on this device, and now it’s in testing here in the USA. this little ditty is already winning awards!

Here’s Steve Dearden from Bsquare giving you a tour of the device!


Great Job Bsquare! Now, can it do Beer/Wine too? Wink Here’s to you! Beer mug



Comments (3)

  1. d_e says:

    Not impressed at all. The UI is laggy and you can see how the screen refreshes. It features almost no animations and the few that are there are jerky.

    If you need an example of a better UI, check out the Zune for example:

  2. PeterFnet says:

    Video is set for private on YouTube. Can’t watch it

  3. John C [MS] says:

    I’m checking with B2 to see if I can get the video re-enabled.

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