Windows Embedded Quebec!

  I’m sitting in the Theater here at PDC – I figured this deserved a Live Blog! Shabnam Erfani, one of our Lead Program Managers on the Windows Embedded team, is presenting “Windows Embedded Quebec: Developing for Devices”   There are about 150+ folks here in the room, eagerly watching and listening. Why, who are…


I’m a PC… and now, so is a MAC

I’m sitting in the Staff/Speaker room here at PDC, and happened to notice Ryan McMinn, PM on the Access team, and his super tricked out Apple PC!   Take a look! Even Apple Computers want to be PC’s!   Here’s to you Ryan JC


PDC Day 2 – Lots of stuff to see!

  Checking in from PDC here in Los Angeles – it’s actually day 3 as I write this, but I wanted to give you all some info from Day 2.   Keynote – as usual, Ray Ozzie did a great job of talking vision for Microsoft in the future. He talked about how we have…


PDC Day 1 – Sights and Thoughts!

  Hey Campers! Checking in from day one at PDC. This morning’s keynote address led off with Ray Ozzie talking about his vision for our next iteration of Software+Services. talking about expanding from the single node, like with a desktop or a mobile phone to services higher up at the enterprise level, or even beyond…


Welcome to PDC!

  Today we made the journey to Los Angeles, CA for the Microsoft Professional Developer’s Conference. Close to 6000 folks are converging on downtown LA as we speak! Windows Embedded is onsite in the Microsoft Pavilion – we’re nested in with other development tools, cool products, and otherwise fun stuff! Several folks are here from…


PDC 2008! right around the corner

  For those of you who missed my post a few weeks ago, I wanted to remind you that I’ll be attending the PDC 2008 in Los Angeles, CA next week. This is sure to be a great event. Windows Embedded will be on hand talking about the latest products as well as future things…


What is Windows Embedded POSReady 2009?

I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions about the new naming conventions – for instance What is POSReady 2009? Here it is in a Nutshell:   POSReady 2009 is the next generation Point of Service operating system from the Windows Embedded Family. the product you know today as WEPoS, will become POSReady with the…


Viva La Mexico! y dispositivos enbarcados (can you figure it out?)

  Hola Amigos!   I’m here in Mexico City visiting some of our partners. Very interesting city! (there’s like 20 million people here) I’ve been here before, but it’s been a really long time. I am much more familiar with the “tourist” parts of Mexico (Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo…). The city literally sprawls for miles…


My New toy – and possibly a new feature on the blog?

Hey campers! for my birthday , my wife got me a flip camera, which is pretty darn cool, if you ask me. very compact, ultra portable, and encodes directly to AVI. oh the other thing – very inexpensive! (like $120 US) one can, very easily, record a video, plug it into a PC (did I…


Mike Hall has done it again! (oooo…. ahhh….)

Mike hall has done it again! He’s demonstrated that GNU runs on Windows CE… single handedly tearing down the walls of the religious war between Windows and GNU/Linux… Glad that’s over!    Here’s Mike’s post!   R.I.P. Linux, R.I.P HAHA… we couldn’t resist this one!