Canalys 2008 Forum

Windows Embedded is a platinum Sponsor for the Canalys Navigation Forum Happening this week in Budapest, Hungary. This is the event where all of the players in the PND space get together and decide which direction to go. Kind of like a trade show! Open-mouthed

in case you were not aware, Microsoft has recently released Windows Embedded NavReady 2009, based from Windows Embedded CE - which is optimized for PND's (Portable Navigation Devices) Mike Hall just posted in his blog about NavReady 2009 - go take a look!

Here's Oliver Bloch, our Embedded Developer Evangelist, letting us know that his demo worked! take a look here, for his play by play from Canalys! He is there supporting our efforts! Good luck with the demos, Olivier... doesn't he look like a French version of Tom Cruise? you be the Judge

 Olivier demo                       tom_Oliver

Have fun in Hungary, Olivier!



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  1. I am taller that the original Tom! 🙂


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