Full CI/CD pipeline to deploy multi-containers application on Azure Container Service with Docker Swarm using Visual Studio Team Services

Azure Container Service (ACS) allows to deploy and manage containers using Docker Swarm, Mesosphere DC/OS or Kubernetes orchestrators. Recently, the ACS team open sources ACS-engine. It is now very easy to deploy these three orchestrators on Azure, using the portal, an Azure Resource Manager template or Azure-CLI. They also have released in preview the Azure…


Microsoft Azure application platform, part 1: which options for your Cloud applications ?

Last week we hosted Microsoft experiences event in Paris, France. I had a talk about the Microsoft Azure application platform with Nicolas Clerc (Cloud Architect, Microsoft France) and David Gageot (Core Engineer, Docker). The idea of this talk was to give an overview of the different services that allow to host applications in Microsoft Azure….


Azure Container Service from the Azure CLI

Azure CLI is a node.js cross-platform tool that runs on Linux, Mac OS and Windows and allows to work with Microsoft Azure from the command line. The latest version of Azure CLI includes some commands to create and manage Azure Container Service clusters. Install Azure CLI Azure CLI can be installed using the node.js package…


Create a Docker Swarm cluster using Azure Container Service

Feel free to contact me on Twitter @jcorioland if you have any question about this article Edit : this post has been updated for the Azure Container Service General Availiblity. See announcement here. Introduction Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Container Service (ACS) that allows to deploy in an easy way a cluster…


VorlonJS 0.2.1 is out – and available in the Docker Hub!

Feel free to contact me on Twitter @jcorioland if you have any question about this article Vorlon.JS 0.2.1 has been released earlier this week. You can read this post on Etienne’s blog that explains what’s new with this version. Today, we are also happy to announce that starting now, you can deploy Vorlon.JS in a…


Create a Docker Swarm Cluster using Azure Container Service (preview)

Azure Container Service is now GA. I have published another post here about how to deploy a Docker Swarm cluster in Azure using Container Service: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/jcorioland/2016/04/25/create-a-docker-swarm-cluster-using-azure-container-service/ Julien