VorlonJS 0.2.1 is out – and available in the Docker Hub!

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Vorlon.JS 0.2.1 has been released earlier this week. You can read this post on Etienne’s blog that explains what’s new with this version.

Today, we are also happy to announce that starting now, you can deploy Vorlon.JS in a Docker container using the image that is available in the Docker Hub.


Some of our users asked to be able to start a new instance of Vorlon.JS in a Docker container, because is just quick and simple ! So, if you are already using Docker to run your applications, you can now run Vorlon.JS in a few seconds and start debugging using the following command:

docker run --name vorlonjs -d -p 80:1337 jcorioland/vorlonjs:0.2.1


And voilà ! It’s just working, anywhere !

If you are not familiar with Docker and want to get started now, you can read this post where I explain how to use Azure Container Service to deploy a Docker Swarm cluster and start reading the Docker documentation.

As Etienne explained in his blog post, the Vorlon.JS team has started a Journey to DevOps (if you’re interested, you can start reading our story here) and we worked to implement continuous integration and deployment on the project. We have also worked to automatize the creation and the publication of the Vorlon.JS Docker image to the hub, using Visual Studio Team Services. I will publish a detailed article about this topics in the next week, part of the series.

Stay tuned !


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