VorlonJS – A Journey to DevOps – New blog post series

I have just started to publish a new blog post series that will detail how we implemented DevOps practices like Continuous Integration, Tests, Continuous Deployment and Release Management, Tests in Production on the Vorlon.JS project, using Visual Studio Team Services and Microsoft Azure.

VorlonJS is a node.js based tool for web developers that allows you to remotely test, inspect and debug a web application. Because it’s not easy to use traditional web debugging tools “F12-like” on devices such as mobile or embedded devices, Vorlon.JS offers a way to improve the debug experience, using a remote Dashboard.


The series starts here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/devops/archive/2016/01/12/vorlonjs-a-journey-to-devops-introducing-the-blog-post-series.aspx

Enjoy, and don't hesitate to provide any feedback !

Julien | @jcorioland

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