Windows Server 2016 之 IIS 10 效能調校注意事項

Tuning IIS 10.0 文章中有提到要注意的事項, 大家可以跟這文章遂一調整.

In this article

  1. Kernel-mode settings
  2. Cache management settings
  3. Request and connection management settings
  4. User-mode settings
  5. Ideal CPU setting for NUMA hardware
  6. User-mode cache behavior settings
  7. Compression behavior settings
  8. Central binary logging
  9. Application and site tunings
  10. Managing IIS 10.0 modules
  11. Classic ASP settings
  12. ASP.NET concurrency setting
  13. Worker process and recycling options
  14. Dynamic worker-process page-out tuning
  15. Transport Layer Security tuning parameters
  16. Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI)
  17. Managed code tuning guidelines
  18. Other issues that affect IIS performance

HTH. Jacky

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