Developing Custom Applications with SharePoint Server 2007

Learn how to build a business solution leveraging a broad range of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise capabilities. This white paper focuses on the real-world example of an application to help consulting companies track client engagements and business performance. But the insightful lessons learned and best practices will apply wherever your next SharePoint development project takes you.

Topics include Office SharePoint Designer 2007, workflows, Excel Services 2007 and the Enterprise Search API. Whether you are a SharePoint development guru or a Microsoft .NET developer evaluating the platform, this white paper has something for you.



Comments (3)

  1. 在 SharePoint 平台上,可以自行做各式各樣的擴充、客製化等,SharePoint Designer 、 InfoPath 、 Visual Studio 及 Excel Services 是大家最常討論及使用的,各自的適用時機、用槍時機為何?請繼續往下讀:

  2. ken says:

    Hi :

    好像來愈多人使用 SharePoint,最近把wss3.0裝起來,操做上都很簡單,但開發就不從何下手,連工具都不太清楚.

    想請問一下,如果我想要學習 SharePoint的開發(客制 webpart , feature,workfllow..等)


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