Supportability for SQL Server 2005 in a virtual machine environment



Because we have not tested Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to run in a virtual machine (VM) environment, we only provide commercially reasonable support for SQL Server 2005 running in a VM environment. Commercially reasonable support is defined as all reasonable support efforts by Microsoft Customer Support Services (CSS) that do not require code fixes for SQL Server 2005.
If you have problems in SQL Server 2005 running in a VM environment and the problem cannot be resolved by commercially reasonable support, you must try to reproduce this problem in a non-VM environment. If you can reproduce this problem, the problem is qualified to be escalated to the SQL Server Product Group as a bug.


Versions of SQL Server after SQL Server 2005 will incorporate full support for running on a supported guest operating system that is installed on a Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V virtual machine.


筆者建議在正式環境中,若欲將 SQL Server 2005 安裝在虛擬環境中的朋友,一定要先進行完整的測試,包含與應用程式整合及效能的監控及觀察。

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