CRM 4.0 Plugin Registration Tool 2.0


  • Register a pluginassembly, step and image. Validates the data before sending to CRM
  • Update pluginassembly, step and image
  • Unregister a pluginassembly shall cascade unregister all the children
  • Enable, Disable a step
  • Auto retrieve all CustomEntities information from the organization when registering the step
  • Allows setting more values on step (e.g.: configuration, secureconfiguration, filteringattributes, etc.)
  • Auto retrieve CustomAttributes on entity when registering images
  • Search the pluginassembly, type, steps, images by names
  • Visualize the status of the CRM Organization multiple views
    1. View by Assembly : What steps are registered on what plug-in
    2. View by Entity : What steps are registered on an entity(e.g.: contact)
    3. View by Message : What steps are registered on a message (e.g.: create)
  • Shows the list of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 callouts registered in the organization
  • Work with multiple organizations at the same time
  • Exports the Xml in the same format that can be accepted by PluginDeveloper tool
  • 詳細資訊:

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