Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Office System Power Tools v1

Office System Power Tools 提供了一系列的小工具,可以協助加速我們在開發 Office 的解決方案。




Type of Tool

Open XML Package Editor

A graphical treeview-based editor for examining and editing Open XML Package files (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents).

Add-in to Visual Studio.

Ribbon IDs Tool Window

A custom tool window that displays all re-usable built-in Office Ribbon IDs.

Add-in to Visual Studio.

Office Custom UI Manager

A set of classes for coordinating multiple instances of Ribbon, custom task pane, and custom form region objects.

Runtime class library and sample source code.

Office Interop API Extensions

A set of C# classes for handling parameterized properties and optional/named parameters, as well as for LINQ-enabling Office collection objects.

Runtime class library.

SharePoint Feature Sweeper

A GUI tool that cleans up unwanted SharePoint features from the developer's environment.

Standalone Windows Forms application.

SharePoint Workflow Package Generator

A tool to package a SharePoint workflow project so that it can be deployed.

Scriptable command-line tool.

VSTO/VSTA Pipeline Verifier

A GUI tool that reflects over custom pipeline assemblies to validate the complete VSTA pipeline.

Standalone Windows Forms application.

VSTO Developer Cleaner

A GUI tool that removes leftover build artifacts from the developer's computer.

Standalone Windows Forms application.

VSTO Troubleshooter

A diagnostic tool that examines a computer for the necessary prerequisites for running VSTO solutions.

Standalone Windows Forms application.


也含有 VSTO Troubleshooter 協助找問題,如下圖:




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