Configuring Team Foundation Server to Use a Remote SharePoint Server

Many organizations’ data centers already maintain and manage a central set of Windows SharePoint Site servers, and restrict creation and deployment of new sites to this set of servers. Team Foundation Server requires installation of a SharePoint Server on the Team Foundation Server application tier and that new team sites be created on this SharePoint Server. This represents an issue for these organizations and may even hinder the adoption of Team Foundation Server for some.

This technical note describes the steps that you must follow to configure an installation of Team Foundation Server to use a pre-existing SharePoint Server that is not on the Team Foundation Server application-tier computer.

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  1. imjayu says:

    which are the artefacts that can be controlled by VSTS while doing MOSS Development?

  2. jchiou says:

    Hi Imjayu,

    Thanks for asking.

    "MOSS Development" means you use

    SharePoint Desiger or Visual Studio?



  3. jchiou says:

    Here is an article:

    Team-Based Development in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

    Hope this help.


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