Resources for Windows Server 2008



The launch of Windows Server 2008 is fast approaching so here are some resources to help you guys ramp up on your application development on Windows Server 2008:

INNOVATE ON Windows Server
Development portal that includes key marketing information and resources such as the Application Compatibility Cookbook, “Works with” and Certification Test Tool downloads and demos,  developer resources, and  links to pre-release Windows Server 2008 software.

Windows Server Catalog of Tested Products
Customer-facing index of certified and validated software products, hardware devices and systems.

Technical Support for Application Compatibility and Certification
Tier 1: MSDN Online Forum
Monitored by Microsoft staff who can answer both business and technical questions.

Tier 2 technical support:
This mailbox is monitored by the logo program development team. There is a 48-hour response time for non-critical issues.

Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate
Home page for the Windows Server 2008 operating system, feature overview, training resources and  links to the latest evaluation build of Windows Server 2008.

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