Office Communications Server Resource Kit ships

OK, this may be old news to many of you out there, but the Office Communications Server 2007 Resource Kit just shipped.  I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet but you can be sure I will.  I hope to receive a free copy of it at an internal event next month, at…


How to track down the WMI error in OCS

There are some product architectures created here at Microsoft that I am marvelled at with their simplicity, ease of use, and power.  Unfortunately, I do not find WMI to be one of those architectures.  With hope, some day we will have a sane replacement for WMI but in the meantime we still need to deal…


Where OCS finds data for WMI classes

In yesterday’s post, I discussed how knowledge of where the WMI provider retrieves its data is important when querying it.  Today I thought I would provide a list of the WMI classes and where the data comes from for each.  If you perform a lot of WMI querying in OCS, this list may be helpful….


Office Communications Server and WMI

As many of you are likely aware, Office Communications Server (and previous versions) make use of WMI for storing various pieces of data.  You can find details of the WMI classes that currently ship with OCS 2007 here.  While this gives helpful information about what types of classes and properties are available, there are some…


Integrating presence into your applications

I have seen a lot of questions lately asking how one can add presence to a communications application.  There are a number of ways to do this, but I don’t think we have done a great job explaining what they are. First, and perhaps what has confused people the most, there is currently no support…


More info about the answers for yesterday’s quiz

The following is more information about why each answer is correct for the quiz I presented yesterday.  If you have not already taken the quiz, please skip this blog entry and go to yesterday’s, then come back to this entry for any explanations. 1) To create a new conference, the client must contact the focus…


An Office Communications Server 2007 Quiz

For a little fun today, I decided to put together a little test for those who think they know Office Communications Server.  Think of this as a fun little exercise that will help you learn OCS and help me learn what topics to blog about in the future.  If one question boggles you, let me…


Extending Communicator through tabs

Perhaps the easiest way to extend the Communicator 2007 client is by adding extension tabs underneath the contacts section. I looked around the web and found several references that this is possible but nothing about how to do it.  Recently at TechEd one of my colleagues, Kyle Marsh, demo’d how to do this so I…


Creating bots in UCMA – Part II – Using grammars instead of parsing

In our last bot post I wrote about creating a bot that accepts a message from Communicator and sends a response.  The response logic was very crude.  We simply looked for certain words in the message from the client and sent back an appropriate response.  Obviously as our bot becomes more sophisticated this method will…


Common questions from TechEd

After spending some time at our Unified Communications Server booth at TechEd, I decided to write the answers to some of the most common questions people had for those of you who did not have the opportunity to attend this year. What is the difference between Live Communications Server and Office Communications Server? – Office…