Yippee! A reorg!

I thought the above title might catch some attention, but in truth I am very excited about this new reorg.  For those of you not familiar with Microsoft, reorgs are a way of life here - kind of like the changing seasons. In this case the reorg is actually very small (actually – compared to most MS standards it wouldn’t event count as one) – involving only myself and a couple of other people.


For reasons that I probably cannot publicly announce, I will be moving from the UCAS (Unified Communications Application Server) team to the core OCS (Office Communications Server) team.  This in effect means that I am moving from working on the platform to the core product that everyone installs, which of course means if my code does not work a lot more people will be upset.


Probably the biggest news for those who keep track of my blog is that I will no longer be working directly with speech technologies.  As the UCAS team still owns the speech technologies, I will no longer be directly involved in those efforts.  Conversely, you can expect more OCS centric blogs to appear in the future.  I will, of course, likely keep tabs on what they are working on and you will likely see a speech blog from time to time, but this blog will probably no longer count as a

Speech Server blog.


Please keep in mind that this move does not really impact the feature set of the product.  Most large products in Microsoft have small moves like this all the time and the reasons are almost always political, not functional.


I am very excited about this move to this team.  I think this move will better help in the long run the ability for developers to build applications on top of Office Communications Server.

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  1. Release the Hounds! Ship It! Congratulations to the OCS teams on their RTM milestone today . Here is

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