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This last week I was finally able to get a few decent shots of flies. Last Sunday I finally managed to get a shot of a fly. I found it sitting on one of my cherry trees so I decided to see if it would let me close - it did for exactly one frame.

This Sunday I found another fly that was even more cooperative - allowing me to get about 15 frames of it. Unfortunately it was on a leaf and there was quite a bit of wind so it was difficult to get the fly in the view finder. The wind would stop for very brief periods and this shot I was lucky enough to get during one of the brief lulls.

To give you example of the magnification level of the MP-E 65, this shot was taken at 3x. The MP-E 65 can go up to 5x but with the shakiness of the leaf (and the worry that any closer and the fly would leave) I did't dare go higher. Lately I have taken most of my shots with a shutter speed of 1/200 (the best I can do with a flash) and f11.

In terms of my own criticism of the shot - I think as far as fly shots go it is OK. The eyes are in focus - which to me is the most critical part. I threw out all of my shots where either one or both eye was not in focus. It would be nice too I think if the front two legs were in the frame but I kind of like the placement of the fly's head in the shot and the placement of the fly in general.

The shot may have been more interesting if the fly were eating or doing something else - but that is more a matter of luck. Overall I am proud of this shot - though I don't think I differentiated much from the thousands of other fly shots out there with the possible exception that my shot is a bit more up close than others'.

One change in my photography that I have tried for the last two weeks is to change the ratio of the lights on my MT-24EX twinlite flash so they are not equal. I believe I have one at 70% and the other at 30% but I forgot which side I gave preference. I have found that this gives a much fuller effect on the shot and in this shot I think the flash worked perfectly - you can't really see either light.

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