A slight change to my blog

Currently I am working on the most difficult blog topic to date - a series of blogs about writing applications with the UCMA (UCP.Net) API that is in the current OCS beta.  This is clearly my most ambitious attempt to date and when complete, will consist of approximately 30-50 posts with several hundred pages of material.  Currently I have finished the first 4 posts and have about 30 pages of material.  I suspect it will take me several weeks to get this huge effort ready.

In the meantime I have decided to open my blog up to some non OCS/non MSS posts.  Coming very soon will be posts on the following.

1) A post on the Answering Machine detection activity in the latest beta - there have been several requests for this and I have not forgotten! 🙂

2) Some posts on writing Media Center applications using MCML.

3) A number of posts on one of my true passions - photography

So for those of you wondering why this blog has dried up recently there will be a lot more posts in the near future.

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