Let’s hear your LCS/OCS questions!

As new members of the Office Communications Server team, my team has been spending a lot of time lately learning about the OCS platform and all of the pieces and technologies that are part of it.  Last week was spent reading through a number of RFCs on different protocols.  After waking up from that (do they intentionally write them to be so boring... at least liven the fonts a bit!) I have been poring through online info and reading through OCS related blogs.

Generally I learn best by trying to find answers to real world problems.  So, if anyone has any questions of Office Communications Server or Live Communications Server please do send them my way.  Obviously the questions must be on publically released info so please no "what will you do in the future" types of questions.  For any reasonable questions received I will try to find the answer and post it in this blog.

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  1. burohappold says:

    Is it possible to write Bots for LCS?

    Like the one used for Encarta.


  2. jscalev says:

    With OCS 2007, yes this is possible. When I have more information on how to write them, I will post some code.

  3. brandontyler says:

    Looking forward to more information about how Microsoft Speech Server will integrate into OCS and the different call scenarios.

  4. Sasi Kiran says:

    Are the schema changes after the LCS/OCS installation are revertable ??

  5. Ross says:

    Hi, Not sure if you can ask technical q’s. But im trying to use the public beta CWA, I publish raw category as below for one user:

    <cwaRequests sid=”96″ xmlns=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/2006/09/rtc/cwa“><publishRawCategories rid=”1″><rawCategory name=”gpsLocation” instanceMask=”0″ version=”4″ container=”200″ expireType=”static”><gpsLocation>17</gpsLocation></rawCategory></publishRawCategories></cwaRequests>

    however, when using the data channel to query the presence of the user (same user, or a different user) the connection just times out, and nothing returns. Are there some config settings i am missing? Doco says data channel should return after 35 seconds, i am waiting 1 minute, and still time out?

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

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