Travelling with small children – part II

When travelling with small children, your first decision obviously needs to be "where should I go?".

Having travelled with our children in both the US and abroad, it may sound strange, but it is much easier for us to travel abroad with them than in the US.  The following are what we have found.

1) With two children 1 and 2, a long car ride is out of the question.  It is simply too difficult to satisfy them and only one of us can access them at a time because the other needs to drive.

2) Aircraft that fly abroad are generally larger and the staff seem friendlier.  Also, on international flights a basinet is available free of charge. (more details on how to get one in a later post)

3) This is my opinion, but after travelling in Singapore, Italy, San Francisco, New York, and areas around Washington state, the US is not a very child friendly country.  Many people here become annoyed at a screaming child - while few pay attention in other countries.  I have also come across many locations (the Bronx Zoo of all places) where children or strollers are not allowed - while in other countries as long as you can get the stroller there your little ones are adored.  I can write an entire article about this, but in general if you are considering a vacation with children I urge you to consider travelling abroad.

4) In some countries like Singapore, the infrastructure is much more advanced regarding access for those who have strollers and wheelchairs.  For instance, elevators are very common, large, and well marked.

In my next installment, I shall discuss what you should look for in a country to visit.

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  1. MarcelG says:

    I always wondered why americans didn’t notice this themselves. I love your country, but it has its quirks.

    Come to the Netherlands!

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