Home Automation with speech – a morning of the future

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I will be implementing Speech Server at home in order to automate my home.  The end goal of this, which I hope to reach in the far future, is a home of the future where everything is automated.  The following is what I imagine to be a morning of my future life.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock.  Today I woke up a bit earlier than usual because I asked that my alarm clock be reset for an hour earlier so I can get some exercise in.  I walk into my bathroom, whose floors have already been warmed because the computer knew when I was going to wake up.

"Computer: What is today's news?", I ask.

A speaker in the room proceeds to inform me on the day's news.  It selects only articles that I may be interested in because I let the system know my preferences at an earlier time.  It knows who I am from my voice.  While I brush my teeth, I listen to today's most interesting news stories. 

I head downstairs to my exercise room.  The computer already knows my daily routine and has prewarmed the room.  The computer has also chosen the circuit of the day based on the latest exercise science.  I signal to the system that I am ready to start and it tells me which piece of equipment to start off on.  I start exercising and can ask the computer how long I will be on the specific piece of equipment and what the benefit is.  The level of each machine is automatically set by the computer given my past exercise history, current weight, and heart rate.  The system also tells me when to switch machines.

I walk upstairs and after reentering the bathroom, I say "Computer" Shower please." and the shower is started and the temperature, spray, and shower head are adjusted to my preferences.

When I walk out of the shower, I open the walk in closet door and immediately presented with the shirt and pants for the day.  The computer knows how heavy of a shirt to give me based on the temperature that day.  When I open the door, the computer tells me what the current temperature is outside and the weather forecast for my information.  Also, the choice of clothing has already been influenced by my wife's previous input.  For instance, the computer knows today is a work day so I am not allowed to wear my raggedy sweatshirt.

While I was taking a shower, I told the system that I would like eggs and french toast for breakfast.  I walk to the kitchen, which the computer has now warmed and take my breakfast from a handy bread-machine-like machine.  About this time my kids wake up and go through a similar system - the shower is set to their preferences.  They prefer not to listen to the news though, but instead can watch their favorite cartoons while brushing their teeth and taking a shower.

While I am lazily eating breakfast and reading a book I realize that I had forgotten to make the kids' breakfasts and lunches.  Breakfast is easy and the kids grab some cereal and milk without automated intervention.  Unfortunately I have forgotten what the kids eat for lunch.  Rather than wake my wife up, I ask the system what they need for breakfast and I am presented with a list of ingredients, where the are in the kitchen, and preparation steps.

My wife wakes up just as the kids are leaving to wait for the school bus (the computer gives them a reminder that the bus is coming soon) and she goes through a similar system.  Before I head out for work I ask the computer what the current traffic is like and find out that there is already an accident blocking traffic.  The system advises me of a shortcut and sends the route to my car GPS so I take the correct route.

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