Welcome back (to me)

Hi Dear Reader.

Eons ago I kept my blog over here on http://blogs.msdn.com/jblizzard, but then moved to my own site, http://snowstormlife.com/blogs/bliz.

This evening, on a lark, I looked back here and yes, my old blog is still working, and I was even able to retrieve my old password.

And just over six years later I’m adding my next post. This is so random.

Things have changed just a bit since my last post here in September, 2003. At the time I was a developer evangelist, living in Bothell, Washington, covering the PacWest district (Washington, Oregon, and Idaho), and spreading the cool news about .NET.

In 2004 we moved to Vancouver, Washington, just outside Portland, still working as a DE. I got to know Scott Haneslman, Rory Blyth, and a bunch of other cool Portland people really well, and even helped start the Portland Nerd Dinner.

In early 2005 I switched jobs, moving into a Developer Solutions Specialist role, and moving across country, back to Tampa, Florida, my almost home town. Back in Portland, Rich Claussen took over PND duties, and Jason Mauer earned the DE job. In Florida I got to know Joe Healy, Russ Fustino, and Jeff Barnes really well.

Flash forward to August of this year, and I’ve switched back to a technical role and my technical roots, now working as a Developer Technical Specialist, kinda close to what I was doing as a DE. We’re still living in the Tampa area. Life is good. Quent Herschelman took my old job, and is now the Developer Solutions Specialist around here.

If you want to see the gory details of what’s happened during the past six years (but, why would anyone want to do that?), take a peek at SnowstormLife. (Part of the past 6 years I used dasBlog and WordPress. Some of those entries are still buried in the depths of those systems, still waiting to be resurrected. One day.)


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