Now that’s the way a Pocket PC Phone should work!

I upgraded my sorry Pocket PC phone's operating system to Pocket PC 2003 and a new radio stack.  Bingo!  Home run!

Connectivity issues are a thing of the past.  I can finally use IM on the thing.  And it synch’s with Exchange automatically every 10 minutes (I set the schedule).  And I can confidently reply to e-mail and know that it will get sent.

It’s snappy, dependable, and it has a cool new game that comes with it!

Good job, mobility team.

Comments (6)

  1. Which vendor? AT&T or T-Mobile?

  2. So does that mean the official T-Mobile WM2003 update is out? I wasn’t able to find it on their web site. Got a link?

  3. Yep, I would love that as well…

  4. jim blizzard says:

    Aah… It’s an internal (MS) version of the OS. Sorry about that.

  5. Ted says:


    Good work, well done

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