E-mail and Pocket PC phone. OK for reading, poor for replying…

After using the PPC phone for a while, I've decided not to use it to reply to e-mail.  Connectivity is the main issue.  Sometimes the thing syncs up without a problem.  Sometimes I can't connect at all. 

What's most frustrating is when it quickly and effortlessly connects and pulls down e-mail.... then I type a reply (tap a reply -- kinda like morse code)... and then I click to sync and send my reply.  Can't connect.  It's very annoying.  And it's happened so many times that I've decided to use the device as a reading device, not a writing device.  I still like the larger screen form factor over the smaller smartphone screen.  But I'm not going to use it as an input device anymore.

If I see an e-mail that requires a quick response, the integrated contacts feature is super.  I can call the person back and address the issue. 

Comments (2)

  1. I have had the same experience with replies SOMETIMES not being able to be sent, even when receiving is working fine. In general, I still use it for replies, but I just make sure that the response goes out (the Outbox needs to be checked, and it is not something that is very obvious in the Pocket Outlook UI.

    I have also had occasions where the responses had strange characters between words, possibly caused by strange Grafetti strokes…

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