Who wrote that?

Last night I was writing some demos that do distributed transactions across databases.  It started getting late (or early, depending on your point of view), but I was making good progress and didn’t want to stop.

I took a break after reaching a roadblock.  I fired off a quick e-mail to myself letting me know I was not satisfied with not finishing by then. 

I returned to the task at hand and quickly got it working.  (Funny how distracting your brain for a few minutes helps you reach clarity.)  I went to bed.

Woke up this morning and took a look at the code.  Wow.  Who wrote that?  Couldn’t have been me.  There’s stuff in there that I’ve never seen before.  Honest.  (Ever happen to you?  “The programmer’s morning after.”)

OK.  So this morning I’m refactoring the code so it looks more presentable in a demo.  I still don’t know who wrote some of the original last night.

Notice I’m blogging now?  Yes, I’m trying to reach a bit of clarity.  (Some people might say “procrastinating.”).  But this time, instead of an e-mail to myself I’m doing something a bit more public.  Have to keep it clean.  (I suppose I could use Rory’s bad word substitution scheme (RBWSS)) 😉

Back to it.

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