Career Calculus…

Saw a reference on Chris Sells' blog, about this posting by Eric Sink.  Chris' words: “There's just so much good advise in this post and it covers so much ground that I can't even think of a clever summary. Just go read it.”

(An aside: Am I arrogant if I point you to something that Chris Sells has written, as though you wouldn’t have already seen Chris’ post already?  Implication is that anyone reads my posts…  And that they ignore Chris.  Nah.  Just means I really like what Eric has to say and want to make sure people see it.)  😉

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  1. I read both of you (at least since last week), but you show up as pinging when you update, and Chris Sells doesn’t. So it’s okay to point to him, I think!

    And if you found something via another weblog, it’s always a good thing to give credit.

  2. Owen Allen says:

    You Arrogant little pr*$%!

    (heh heh)

  3. jim blizzard says:

    Thanks Anita. (I just visited your web site. I believe I saw you at the Crossroads blog event last week, but didn’t have time to introduce myself to you…. I spent most of my time off to the side with Joshua Allen.)

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