Do that newsgroup thing…

Newsgroups are such a wonderful resource.  People can post questions and get quality answers.  I use Outlook Express and lurk in the “microsoft.public.dotnet.*” groups.  What's really cool is that there are people who are experts in their field(s) who provide top notch answers.  And you'll probably see postings from people with [MVP] after their names...

What's a Microsoft MVP?  The Microsoft MVP Program is a worldwide award and recognition program that strives to identify amazing individuals in technical communities around the globe who share a passion for technology and the spirit of community. Microsoft MVPs are recognized for both their demonstrated practical expertise and willingness to share their experience with peers in Microsoft technical communities.

Next time you have a .NET question, take a look at one of the newsgroups.  The question has probably already been asked and answered before.

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  1. Agreed – and to access the group archives can be a near and dear friend.

  2. Alex Lowe says:

    The newsgroups are great!

    If you interested in something that doesn’t require an additional application (assuming you aren’t running OE as your mail client) and that are a little more "push" then you should check out the email lists at

    If you like the "pull" interfaces on the web then I highly suggest the message boards/forums at and

  3. jim blizzard says:

    Yep. I use google group search quite a bit when researching an issue.

    I’ve cut down on the number of things that are pushed to me. I tend to let them queue up in my inbox until I file them in a "read later" folder…

    MS also has an internal newsreader tool. Using the tool I can quickly see if anyone else from MS has taken "ownership" of a particular post. It’s pretty cool.

    MS is trying to increase developer satisfaction, and many (most?) of the people in the product groups have goals about responding to newsgroup posts.

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