Documentation Map by Technology

I was looking through the MSDN Library for something & took a different tack.  This time I went to the Contents and drilled down to find the topic I wanted.  As I as drilling I came across this very helpful page:  “Documentation Map by Technology.”  Nice little gem.

Comments (2)

  1. Owen Allen says:

    Very cool item, Bliz. Thanks for sharing it. However, I couldn’t find the real important items… Such as, Postings, Channels, Is Search Included, Human Workflow, Business Process Automation, etc….

    What good is the .Net Framework, really, unless it helps companies get their work done! 😉

    Excellent blog, by the way…


  2. jim blizzard says:

    Have to leave something remaining for the programmers of the world… We wouldn’t want to have to really work for a living. 😉

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