Moving from eMbedded Visual Basic to Visual Basic .NET…

Hot off the presses at MSDN: Learn how to move Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2002 software development from Microsoft eMbedded Visual Basic to the Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Basic .NET. The release of the .NET Compact Framework enables mobile application development to use the same tools and languages used in server and desktop application development.

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  1. Rory says:

    This is a *very* good thing 🙂

    The current poll at (VB oriented PPC dev site) indicates that most of its users:

    1) Are going to remain with eVB

    2) Don’t know what the CF is

    This is a *very* bad thing (in my opinion).

    eVB was a fine stopgap tool to provide app developers with a way of producing PPC apps, but was little more than VBScript with a forms engine built on top.

    The CF just completely rocks, and that’s all there is to say about *that*.

  2. jim blizzard says:

    Amazing. I hadn’t heard of DEVBUZZ before, but you’re right. From the look of things on the site, eVB is still very much alive and well… Their "getting started" article talks about using eVB. (Ack!) Man, the .NET Compact Framework simplifies things so much. Perhaps they need some new authors for the site. (Go for it Rory!)

  3. Rory says:

    I had actually contacted them about an article, but they weren’t particularly interested. Little bit of a bummer.

    I have a couple more ideas that I could try pushing, though.

    But, I have to get some other things off my plate first 🙂 Life is so full of temptation.

    Seriously, though, I’ve considered writing a CF article. I love it so much. If even just to spread the word a bit…

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