Whidbey Alpha and the Pocket PC…

Phil Scott mentioned that I just announced to everyone that I have some say in who gets to beta test Whidbey...

No, not really.   But I can ask.  😉 

And I'm sure (at least I hope!) there will be a public beta period, similar to the one for “Everett” (VS.NET 2003).

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  1. The VS.NET2003 beta seemed awefully short. I admit that I am hugely interested in Whidby (I am writing a CMS right now that does some interesting hacks to get around lack of CLR integration in Yukon) and I would love to see Microsoft have a "release early, release often" schedule for developers to stay on top of new technology 😉

  2. Phil Scott says:

    Feal free to lean on those in the know for me 🙂

  3. Phil Knecht says:

    early releases…oh yeah that would be great. could save me many hours. i desparatly need:

    – asp.net gridview, detailview

    – o/r mapping

    how can i get some detailled infos about whidbey? i need it for very important decisions end of month…

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