101 things to do while at a red light… (well, at least one thing)

As I was sitting at a long red light this morning, trying to get out of the neighborhood, facing a 30 minute drive into work, I decided to sync my e-mail. 

There was a request from one of the account managers asking if a particular customer could get into the Whidbey Alpha program.  I replied back to him that I would look into it.  (which I did once I got to the office -- the light had changed)

Wow.  Instead of just sitting at the red light, listening to a lame DJ try to be funny, I was able to be productive.  That was cool.

Bring on the red lights!  The longer the better.  🙂

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  1. Phil Scott says:

    You realize you just announced to abunch of .NET geeks that you have some say in who gets to beta test Whibdey? That being said, so was it my application you were looking at 😉

  2. Don says:

    I’m with you… I use redlight time to read email on my BlackBerry… That damn thing is so addicting, I can’t tell you how many accidents I’ve almost been in because of it… Now I only allow myself to read/reply to email at red lights…

    I’m with you, make ‘um longer!

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