microsoft .net and j2ee interop

new book by simon guest: microsoft .net and j2ee interoperability toolkit available in september.


it's possible to do interop through a number of ways, including (but not a complete list)

  • interop through remoting (.net program to java through -- difficult to configure, but it works)
  • interop through web services (much simpler to implement than remoting)
  • interop through messaging (jms consumed by .net is icky because of all the goo jms puts at the front of the payload; .net consumed through jms isn't too bad -- no goo to consume)

should be a good book.





oh, yeah: notes to self....

take a look at the capabilities of wse 2.0

take a look at nunit for .net

take a look at nant for .net

take a look at the uip (user interface process) pattern -- better than struts?


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