Console.WriteLine(“Hello World!”);

hello.  i’m a .net developer evangelist with the microsoft pacific northwest district.

welcome to my blog.

i’m currently in new Orleans at a technical briefing for microsofties.  for the most part it’s been very cool (the conference, not the weather).  there’s a lot of exciting new stuff in the works (that i can’t talk about today).  can't wait to talk to you about it in the future!

tomorrow’s sessions will start in just a few hours, so i’m going to leave you now.


- bliz 

oh, yeh, one cool thing that i will mention is “application architecture for .net: designing applications and services” from the microsoft patterns & practices group.  it’s an excellent resource.  for more good stuff like this, take a look at or  (they both take you to the same link.)

p.s. just for the record: these are my thoughts.  they do not necessarily represent the opinions or views of my employer.  all my blogging is provided as-is, without warranty and does not confer any rights.

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  1. Welcome to the Blog-Zone! says:

    Congratulations, Bliz, and welcome. I’m not really the kind of ambassador to the Blog-world that should be welcoming you, because I’m so new here, myself, but I thought that you should be welcomed. Congratulations on the Biztalk exam…

    -Owen Allen

  2. Welcome, Jim! Can’t wait to read what you have to say.


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