Launching a Smart Client from the Web – With Context!

SharePoint interest is growing with leaps and bounds, but there are still many scenarios that make more sense to leave in rich client applications. The question I’ve been asked a lot lately is how to bring these two worlds closer together. Say, for example, you’ve got a web page that displays some basic information about…


Virtual Earth in Silverlight with VIEWS

I recently had the honor of participate in Incubation Week out in Silicon Valley. Leading up to the event we realized that at least two out of our six participants wanted to integrate Virtual Earth and Silverlight. I searched for guidance online but only turned up a few browser interop samples. I didn’t find any…


Silverlight Image Search

I finally turned a demo I do frequently for my ISVs into a MSDN Screencast: Check it out. This was based on Scott Guthrie’s Digg sample.


Transitionals is Live!

Transitionals has finally been released to the public! I know it’s been some time since I last posted on Transitionals but it turns out it took longer to get approval for the project through legal than I had anticipated. I suppose I should have anticipated it, being that the code came from a Microsoft project…


Houston, We’ve Got a Problem

I mentioned in my last post that Nick worked for a while at NASA. Well, last Thursday I had the opportunity to take a special private tour with Nick and Frank Hughes who also worked at NASA for over 20 years. I’m too young to have my own memories of Apollo 13, but I was…


Let the Games Begin

At the 2008 product launch I had a chance to meet an interesting individual by the name of Nick Davis. Nick and I chatted at great length about XNA and game development in general. Turns out we share a lot of interests and we even kicked around the idea of starting an game developer users…


Hello CodePlex

The Transitionals project is up! Or at least it’s created. You can try to visit it at CodePlex/Transitionals but the project isn’t published yet so I don’t know what you’ll see. We don’t plan to publish it until we get the source code in there. We’ve got until 3/21 before they automatically deprovision the project….


Click the Button

I’m so ready to click that thing — Transitionals is ready to go! Since my last post, so many things have happened. Certainly not the least of which is having David Hill from the original Acropolis team do a code reviewing with me over Live Meeting. How cool is that? From a code perspective, RandomTransitionSelector…



I meant to blog about this Monday night when I wrapped it up, but it was after midnight and I was too tired. In Transitionals, any control that supports a transition (like TransitionElement or SlideShow) can take accept a single Transition through the Transition property. They can also accept a transition strategy through the TransitionSelector…


Scrub and Pub

Okay, so I can’t truly publish yet, but I did run the source code through the internal validation tools and got the (automated) approval to upload source. Since the Transitionals project is still not open to the public, I’ve gone ahead and uploaded to source control. I even had time to put some of our…