Application Skinning in WPF and Silverlight

Over the past two years we’ve seen some incredible applications built on WPF and Silverlight. But application style doesn’t happen on its own, and many of the questions I’m asked these days are centered around application styling and custom controls.

As our fiscal year comes to an end, and with Silverlight 3 and WPF 4 are rapidly approaching, I thought it’d be a great time to put together a few short videos on skinning and custom controls. I hope these two ~20 minute videos help demystify a topic that’s really not as elusive as it seems.


Skins for WPF and Silverlight (20:15)

Creating ‘Lookless’ Controls for WPF and Silverlight (14:26)



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  1. whawke says:

    Thank you for putting these videos together. They really helped shed some light on some things I struggled with.

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